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    AllSeen Alliance Announces Newest Members in Pan-Industry Effort to Advance Internet of Everything

    The AllSeen Alliance announces that Audio Partnership, Beechwoods Software, Beijing Winner Micro Electronics, CA Engineering, Imagination Technologies and Two Bulls are joining the alliance as community members.
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    Service Framework SDKs for iOS Now Available

    Service Framework SDKs for AllJoyn v14.02 are now available for iOS for the first time. The AllJoyn v14.02 core SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows and Thin Client have also been updated, as well as AllJoyn v14.02 service frameworks for Android.
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    AllSeen Alliance announces the release of AllJoyn v14.02

    Alliance is announcing the first new release of AllJoyn since the Alliance’s creation. Version 14.02 contains performance and stability improvements and bug fixes, among other improvements to advance this universal, collaborative framework for the Internet of Everything.
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    AllSeen Alliance Welcomes 10 New Members

    The addition brings to 35 the number of companies across various industries that have banded together under the AllSeen Alliance.
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    AllSeen Alliance Welcomes Technicolor

    Technicolor to join the AllSeen Alliance as a Premier Member, and as a bonus will contribute Qeo technology to further unify the internet of everything ecosystem.

A Common Language for the Internet of Everything

Our homes, our cars, and the things around us are getting smarter every day. AllJoyn™ is the open source project that lets the compatible smart things around us recognize each other and share resources and information across brands, networks, and operating systems. Initially developed by Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc, and hosted by the AllSeen Alliance, AllJoyn gives manufacturers and developers the tools they need to invent new ways for smart things to work together.

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