Develop with AllJoyn™

When AllJoyn-enabled products proliferate, entirely new types of opportunities can open up – for indie developers, small and major studios, Fortune 1000 corporations, hobbyists and students! AllJoyn is designed to be a powerful engine for enabling peer-to-peer experiences across connected devices, appliances and more. Discover the power and potential of proximal peer connectivity and communications and be at the forefront of driving the Internet of Everything.

With AllJoyn you can drastically reduce the time, effort, and cost of adding peer-to-peer features to your application. Whether you are developing for a smartphone, tablet, television, PC, or embedded consumer electronics, AllJoyn is designed to provide the connectivity to enable groundbreaking new experiences.

AllJoyn is:

  • Easy to learn
  • Portable, supporting a variety of operating systems
  • Open source
  • High performance, low latency
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Feature rich

AllJoyn has the tools you need to add proximal peer-to-peer connectivity in your applications. From gaming, to entertainment, to education, to enterprise, to social, to multi-screen, AllJoyn will help you deliver exciting new experiences. Download the SDK today and take it for a spin.